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Large Water Container
Singapore Environmental Technology Co.
  • Instruments to be manufactured for water quality monitoring 

  • About 300-500 units to be purchased over the next 3 years 

Stoney River
Project River of Life (Malaysia)
  • To monitor industrial discharge and identify discharge source 

  • Currently POC at 4 sites 

inside cave
ShenZhen Mining Waste Treatment Company (China)
  • Listed company in ShenZhen building a new mining waste treatment plant

  • Up to 240,000 Ton/Year mining waste to be treated over the next 5 years 

  • Heavy metal detection for mining waste treatment

Test Tubes
Jiangsu Environmental Technology Company (China)
  • To manufacture instruments for environmental monitoring 

  • Up to 1000 units in 5 years 

More opportunities available including 





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