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This technology is primarily based on the mass change and energy dissipation from the analyte/ion adsorptions and interactions on the sensor chip, which effect a piezoelectricity phenomenon delivering real-time, highly sensitive and selective data. Apart from offering similar functions of the offline sensor, the sampling and analysis processes are automated in the online sensing technology.


Some other features of the technology include:


  • Real-time and online monitoring

  • Label-free, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly sensing

  • Re-generable sensor chips

  • Low interference, high accuracy and sensitivity

  • Modular designs

  • Automated system

  • IOT accessibility with notification feature


Performance & Specifications

> 95%

Agreement with ICP-MS

< 15%

Variation limit


Detection limit

  1,500 analysis cycles  

High Accuracy

High Regenerability

High Repeatability & Reproducibility

Detection of Iron in Water Sample

Application Note


Measument Principle 

Ion Imprinting and Piezoelectric Effect


1 ng/Hz @ 10MHZ sensor chip


0.1 Hz

Dimension (L x W x H)

65 x 35 x 40 cm 

Weight (kg)

~ 32 kg

Optional Accessories

Sensor chips (5MHz, 10MHz)

Metal or plastic flow cells 

Optional upgrade to multi-analyte online sensing system

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