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R2WI Cohort Training Program Opening Ceremony

August 25, 2023

MIPS was invited to Ripple2Wave Incubation opening ceremony for the cohort training program, with several water technologies startups participants. This event featured many distinguished guest speakers from EnterpriseSG, PUB, Emerald Technology Ventures, Suntar International Group and Google Cloud. MIPS showcased our novel technology in the water sector, along with the startups to tackle pressing water challenges in Singapore. This was followed by a panel discussion focusing on building commercial success in the water technology ecosystem. Through this event, MIPS had the opportunity to learn more about startups in the water sector about their water technologies and get connected with one another for potential collaborations.


PUB SgWA and MFA co-organized the Palestine Water Authority Wastewater Training Industry Session 

August 25, 2023

Sustainable management of water resources is vital in any territory, state or country, which is no exception to both Singapore and Palestine. Members of the Palestinian Authority were hosted for a training program that was co-organized by the Public Utilites Board Singapore Water Academy (PUB SgWA) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). This involved site visits, sharing of waste and wastewater treatment as well as industrial networking in the local scene. MIPS was honored to be invited to share about our water technologies in this event, which featured our environmental sensors for detection of heavy metals.

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Onboarding with Ripple2Wave Incubator

August 11, 2023

Ripple2Wave (R2WI) is a Singapore-based Incubator that partners with emerging water technology start-ups to create a unique ecosystem to serve the global markets. R2WI is a joint venture between VFT Ventures in Singapore and Emerald Technology Ventures, a cleantech investor in Southeast Asia. With the support from local partners such as PUB and Enterprise Singapore, it aims to provide a platform for start-ups to solve current water-related issues. In August 2023, MIPS has joined Ripple2Wave Incubator to use our reliable and accurate environmental sensors in a variety of industrial applications to tackle pressing water challenges.


Xylem’s partnership with MIPS


June 23, 2023

Xylem is a global water technology provider focused on helping customers solve challenges with regards to water through innovative products and services to create a more water-secure and resilient world. Members of Xylem made a trip down for a detailed tour on our online sensor system, which allowed customers to be able to analyze environmental samples in real time with re-generable sensor chips and IoT features with high accuracy. For example, in the detection of iron in water samples, the online sensor shows more than 95% agreement with ICP-MS, with the detection limit to go as low as parts-per-billion (ppb) level. MIPS have collaborated with Xylem for applications in China using our online sensor.


MIPS is honoured to be invited to Singapore International Water Week Spotlight 2023


June 20, 2023

MIPS was honorably invited to attend the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) Spotlight 2023, which had the opening address delivered by Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment. Organized by Singapore’s Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment and Public Utilities Board (PUB), SIWW aims to bring together leaders from utilities, cities, and industries to drive impactful exchanges and build partnerships to tackle climate change and water sustainability issues collectively. Through this event, companies including MIPS had the opportunity to showcase their novel water technologies and get connected with one another for future collaborative opportunities.

Credit: Singapore PUB
Liang Ying SIWW event.jpeg

SIWW 2022 Student’s Poster Runner-up 

April 19, 2022

In Singapore International Water Week 2022 (SIWW 2022), water leaders were gathered to share plans, challenges and achievements against climate change at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from 17-21 April 2022. Issues such as digital transformation of the water sector, future of seawater desalination, sustainable wastewater management, coastal revitalizsation, consumer aspects in reuse and recycling of domestic water and carbon circularity were discussed. At the water convention event, our co-founder, Dr Ee Liang Ying was awarded the Best Student’s Poster Runner-up which was titled: “3D-Printing of Anti-fouling Nanocellulose Desalination Membrane”. He also served as a co-chair in one of the thematic session on Effective and Efficient Wastewater Management at the SIWW event.

MIPS is honoured to be invited to share our technology at the Beijing-Singapore Water Resource Technology Exchange Seminar

This seminar was hosted by the Beijing Science and Technology Development and Exchange Center. The seminar focused on topics such as "water resources protection, water treatment, water monitoring, and water reuse", and adopted a simultaneous online and offline platform. More than 800 experts and business representatives from Singapore and Beijing in the field of water technology were invited to participate in the meeting.

November 01, 2020

Llanelli engineering firm's £150m Red Sea deal creates jobs

February 27, 2020


Helping the Environment, One Small Sensor at a Time

May 14,, 2020

Credit: John Taggart for The New York Times
Credit: aquatech

Closer to home 


Robot swans to help monitor water quality in Singapore’s reservoirs

16 Jan, 2018

Credit: Jack Board
Credit: NTU Singapore 
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